Wednesday, April 17, 2013

one of those days

It starts really early in the morning.
The first noise I hear is a cry.

It doesn't matter who makes the first noise --
whether it's the small baby with no other means of communication
or the anxious toddler just looking for company after 12 long hours of lonely sleep --
it's still a cry
first thing.
in the morning.

As the day progresses, I can tell it's going to be
"one of those days,"
where if I put the baby down, she'll cry frantically until I pick her back up,
but once I pick her back up, the toddler cries because suddenly she needs
a hug
a toy
a doll
a snack
a something that will make me put the baby down,
who then -- you guessed it -- cries.

Just one of those days.

They'll happen quite frequently, I'd imagine.

And as a newly-inducted mommy-of-two, my instinct is to yell or join in on the crying...
I have been praying for gentleness.

God, let me be gentle with these little girls...
...whether in discipline or in fun, let me be gentle.

Unbeknownst to me, my mother is also praying for me on this day.

The prayers are felt.

In the midst of the most frantic moments --
when I am so wiped out that I think I might cry --
when I am so frustrated that I think I might yell --
when I am so hungry that I think I might pass out --
when I am so run down that I think I might fall asleep --
gentleness courses deep within my soul, and a song emerges from my throat.

Instead of yells or cries, You have given me a song.

And so I sing my way through
one of those days.

  • How do you get through on one of those days?

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