Thursday, May 23, 2013

how's THIS for being vague and elusive?

There's this blog post already written, waiting in the blog queue. I've gone over it a half dozen times -- writing and rewriting it with some sort of half-hearted, futile attempt at perfection. But every time I go to hit the orange "Publish" button, I hesitate.

 It's very personal, but my blog is very personal, so it fits. And as with most personal things that I'm experiencing, I like to work through my weaknesses and share them with others, in hope that it might encourage someone else. And yet this blog post sits week after week, awaiting its fate.

I'm not sure if or when it will ever be released, but I sort of feel like I can't move forward in writing here -- or even reading and commenting on other people's blogs -- until I just admit its existence. And since I've written it, I've been having a difficult time accessing my emotions in a way that would benefit my readers, and so my posts have been extremely practical and baby-related. That's not a bad thing... it's just not entirely me or what I want for this space.

Now what?

I guess, this:

I'm struggling with some "stuff."
I'm trying to work through it.
I want to be able to share it someday so I can help someone else, but I'm just not there yet.

And I hope with this confession, maybe my brain will be released and I can start writing and engaging again.

One can certainly hope, right?

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