Tuesday, June 4, 2013

learning lessons from kid songs

Do you remember the song If I Were a Butterfly?

If I were a butterfly
I'd thank you Lord for giving me wings
If I were a robin in a tree 
I'd thank you Lord that I could sing
If I were a fish in the sea
I'd wiggle my tail and I'd giggle with glee
But I just thank you Father for making me, me

For you gave me a heart and you gave me a smile
You gave me Jesus and you made me your child

And I just thank you Father for making me, me  

I grew up with this song.  Maybe you did too, or maybe you remember your kids singing it along with their Psalty cassette tape (oh yeah!-- by the way, I totally thought it was "Salty" growing up, and I don't think I really understood what he was supposed to be...).  

So this song randomly popped into my head over the last week and I started teaching it to my (very-almost) two year old.  I especially like to teach her songs with hand motions and she loves animals, so this turned out to be perfect.  But as I sang it, I realized that I think God gave me this song for a reason.  

But I just thank you Father for making me, me

Do I?  Do I really thank the Father for making me ME?  Or do I spend a lot of my time wishing He made me someone else -- or at least gave me slightly different qualities?  

It's good to be humble, but it's not good to demean myself.  I was created by the Lord; I was made in His image; I have value.  So why do I find it difficult, at times, to rejoice in God creating me?

Just something to think about...

  • Have you ever learned something (as an adult) from a kid song or book?


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