Wednesday, June 26, 2013

the discipline of engaging

Life moves swiftly and I get caught up in its movement.
For these moments, I breathe easy as I find myself busy.
I find myself busy because I just keep saying, "Yes."

This time, it's okay.

I've gone from a time of nearly complete-disengaging for the sake of mental health
to just practically over-engaging for the sake of mental health.

And at the rate I'm going, usually by this point I find myself suffocating -- 
begging to come up for air.

But for now, it's okay.

I'm enjoying the service -- 
whether it's at church, for a friend, for my family, or for my job. 

I'm finding joy in giving myself up for others and things outside myself.

  • How have you experienced the discipline of ENGAGING or DISENGAGING? 
  • What has been bringing you joy these days?e

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