Thursday, June 27, 2013

the second baby drastically changes everything

She's changed me.

Maybe it's her content, chilled-out, "I'll-be-right-here" attitude.
Maybe it's her peaceful spirit that radiates with each sweet smile.
Maybe it's just her existence in the world.

Whatever it is, since she has entered into my life, I've changed.

My pace has become slower.
The pressure I usually put on myself has subsided.
A once-frantic soul has been quieted.

Moments are stolen here and there.
Plans are put aside.
The day is seized.

All because of her.

Is it because she's the second child?
-- because now, with two kids, life just had to become radically different?
-- or is it specifically something about her that has shifted my spirit in such a dramatic way?

What IS it, little one?

What IS this bewitching you have done in my heart?

How have you drastically impacted my personality in so short a time?

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