Monday, July 1, 2013

our plans

We have dreams.
We have plans.
But we have no idea what God's (specific) dreams and plans are for us.

There's a comfort in knowing that even with all the planning, our dreams may never happen because God's dreams are different for us.  It's comforting because I know that no matter how much we may screw up, as long as we're seeking the Lord first and foremost, we won't stumble.  We'll be exactly where He needs us to be.

Even if we take a few wrong turns in disobedience, He will still use us where we end up.

I have nothing to fear in the future because God is guiding us.

I tell Him every day of my dreams, and I ask Him to take them away or change them if they are not aligned to His plans.  And yet, they become stronger.  My husband starts dreaming them too, without my even saying them.  So a big part of me thinks we're on the right path.

But that doesn't mean things could change.  We have to be ready for whatever happens.

We have to remain thankful for what we already have.

We have to remember that life is not about us.

Life is not about our own plans.

Life is much bigger than we even realize.

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