Thursday, August 15, 2013

lots of life happening

Dudes, it is HARD to write these days.
It's hard to be eloquent.
It's hard to say anything.

But here's what I WILL say.
I've been working.
And I love it.
And I get to telecommute most of the time, which means I get the best of both worlds: babies and job.

I've had the same job for almost two years and it's mainly writing.  Which means I get PAID to write.  Which means it's a dream come true.  I have my dream job (one that I never knew existed before getting it).

But I also got a promotion, which means I will be driving some strategy on the marketing-end of things for one month.  If I do really well and get the company some money, it could turn into a more permanent thing.  Sooooo.... prayers sent.  And we'll see what happens. :)

But besides that.  Writing on the personal end of things just hasn't been happening.

There's been a lot of life happening, though.

  • Amelie's already five months old (which means I actually have to start thinking about feeding her solid foods... argh.  Nursing's so much easier).
  • We went on a long roadtrip and survived (Maryland, Georgia, Tennessee, Virginia)!
  • The entire house has been rearranged.  I mean: EVERY. SINGLE. ROOM.  Except the kitchen, bathroom, and laundry room.  Those sort of have to stay where they are.
  • The weather has been LOVELY and fall-like and so we've been OUTSIDE.  A lot.
  • I've discovered the wonders of hemp hearts in smoothies (lots of protein, super healthy - look it up!).
  • We've been teaching Gwendolyn how to waltz and swing dance.
  • And lots of time has been spent with friends -- breaking bread, reading Shakespeare, and letting children play.

What "life" has been happening with you lately?

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