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Blog Highlights was started to feature blogs-of-note.  There are so many blogs that I enjoy reading, and so many great blogs out there, that I felt it would be worth giving an overview of each blog for my own readers.

Each blog is "reviewed" based on ContentStyle, and Frequency (of posting).  I use the term "review" lightly, as I want this feature to be positive for both reader and writer.  I'm not here to tell people what they need to fix on their blogs; instead, I want to point out positive qualities in order to steer you towards good reading. 

As each blog is reviewed, it will be added to the list below for easy access.

In order to get your blog highlighted, please e-mail me at chellysimko (at) gmail (dot) com, subscribe to this blog, and add the html/link to my blog somewhere on your blog.  In return, you will have a permanent link on my site.

Copy this code to add this button to your site:

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